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Cherry blossoms were the city's star attraction until Bo showed up

Cherry blossoms were the city's star attraction until Bo showed up


I moved to Washington DC a couple of weeks ago and so far I have had no complaints. I got to visit the capitol on the first day of orientation at school and that was quite a thrill. Walked by the door of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Wanted to peak in and introduce myself but you know the Capitol po po were in full effect. Not in full enough effect to prevent a theft of a television but hey.

I figure I should give a rundown of my day. My day starts in Burke, VA which is about an hour’s commute from downtown. I get downtown, settle down and wait for the morning meeting or simply go where I am directed. At about 5 p.m. I leave and come home. 

It’s pretty simple but I have to say that the metro seems intent on using the 18P bus route to train the rookies and that has caused some anxiety at times. The first day I took the bus, the driver was late. He was new. He had to rely on the regular commuters to direct him. It turned even more comical when the guide alerted him belatedly that the turn was coming. As he turned swiftly so as not to miss the turn, he says, “Man, you gotta tell me earlier than that!!!” Imagine that. 

Yesterday morning, there was another new one who was heading in the direction of Richmond. Again, a good samaritan stepped in, took charge and 20 or so minutes behind schedule we arrived at the Pentagon finally. 

Now, I know the metro opens doors and apparently it does to a lot of new drivers but come on man. 

Otherwise, DC is a nice city. I could get used to it.

I hope this signals a few more posts but I can’t promise.


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