Brush with the law…Whatcha gonna do??!!!

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Police aka babylon, aka squaddie, aka abonsam aka po-po aka 50. No matter what they are called or whether they are on scooters, horseback. They can be dangerous.

Police aka babylon, aka squaddie, aka abonsam aka po-po aka 5-0. No matter what they are called or whether they are on scooters, horseback or bicycles, they can be dangerous.




A black man may be guiding us but some things are still very much the same. The sad truth is one cannot run away from being young and black in a major city like Chicago.

It has taken long enough but for the first time since I arrived in the land of milk, honey and cookies, I had my first direct encounter with profiling two nights ago.

I had just left the newsroom at about 10.30 p.m. and was walking to the train station on Adams and Wabash streets because all the red line trains heading northbound had been rerouted.

Here I am freezing my valuables off, my hands in my coat pocket, school bag on my back, head trying to stay warm in my hat, and walking as briskly as I could. A cop in his comfortable looking ride is driving behind me slowly. He eventually pulls up beside me and asks me to take my hands out of my pocket.

Motherlanders, I wish I could have insulted him to his face but I just pulled my hands out and insulted him in my local dialect.

My people, I am suffering in this land oh!!! The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Ok, ok, I know I am acting more hysterical than I should be. After all, it could have been worse. He could have popped one in my *** like they did to this guy in San Fran and I would be getting my wish of a flight home but in very different circumstances.

I am sure there are people who have been profiled and had it much worse but this opened my eyes even more. Whatcha gonna do people?

Any thoughts?


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