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Oh how I miss you guys so. The last 24 hours have been somewhat different. I have been feeling some tingling sensations in my chest. But before you freak out I am not getting a heart attack or anything. From time to time, I miss you guys and home sooooo much that I get nostalgic, the memories start to flood into the membrane and the blood pumps into the ventricles at a more rapid pace and before you know it I am spending money I don’t have to buy a phone card so I can speak to someone, anyone from home. So it goes when your life, in the form of loved ones, is scattered into so many pieces all over the world. But don’t weep for me. In my brooding I did some digging and I found some joy.

Asa, Nigerian artist on the rise

Asa, Nigerian artist on the rise

Her name is Asa, a Nigerian singer I heard about a few weeks back but never bothered to download. She is good and I urge you to check her out. And not because she is one of you as in a fellow motherlander but because she is indeed really soulful. She is reggae, hip hop, neo-soul, afro beats, afro rock (ok I may just have made that one up but you get the picture) and I am sure much more. Oh, actually, when he sings in Yoruba I see bits of Angelique Kidjo.

On a side note is there a Naija artist these days who doesn’t cite Fela or King Sunny Ade as an inspiration? Either it has become cliche or these men are just that great. In the case of Asa, I choose the latter.

So my three personal favorites on the album are “Jailer,” “Fire on the Mountain (It reminds me of some song we used to sing in primary school),” and “No one knows.” Oh and I also like “Bibanke” and, and… Ok, so I love the whole album.

Any thoughts on her music?


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16 Responses to “Homesick”

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Had a little case of missing this morning, nice to know I am not the only one although our locations that we are each missing are worlds apart.

Asa You too much from xd0d0

commend you all.

I wish u well.more grease 2 ur elbow

i will like to sing with Asa


i love u baby

i need someone to clare me on this…….asa haas 2 albums that i hav seen and listened ton but i misplaced the recent one…i tried gettin another one yet to no0 avail …..everyone tinks am mad and tells me that asa has only one album.the 2 albums are.1.asa .2. the captivator with an acoustic videos. making them 3

i love her music! a friend introduced me to the album and thank god he did! it’s so refreshing and her lyrics are just beautiful..

asa is somebody i can not forget.she is too much

Hi Asa. I cherish ur album, even I’m listening to it right now.

Just like you, i love the whole album but the rest of my family doesn’t. they feel it is so slow and “boring”. i just look at them and say that i will always luv her music.

I just luv d way u sing, ur songs teachs me alot,so i luv listening 2 it.

am feeling you how i wish i could see you one day, to have a collabo with you but never mind time will tell when or how we will meet.

am waiting to see you one day

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