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Breaking news... Three months after the elections, the President has received the mother of all endorsements---Spiderman!!!!

Breaking news... Three months after the elections, the President has received the mother of all endorsements---Spiderman!!!!





I am back and I know you are wondering how come I am writing so soon. Unusual, ain’t it? Well, it’s because you guys seemed so excited to have heard from me recently I thought I would spoil you. I listen to you the masses and seeing that you have flooded my comments section expressing your desire for more, here you go.

I did a story today on the struggles of comic book stores in this economy. I know, I know. It seems like every story these days from Fui TV has some variation of  the phrase “In these tough times…(fill in the blank for type of store or activity) is struggling.” Well, dudes if it weren’t so tough our President wouldn’t be jetsetting all over the country in his spiffy ride and giving we the people money like it is printed in his backyard. Yesterday $790 billion stimulus. Today, $75 billion foreclosure rescue. Tomorrow, saving the world package. Estimate- priceless.

After so much money does anyone even pause and think about how much money is being printed? Ok, I digress. Actually, let me redigress. Motherlanders, I know you hear of all this money and ask yourselves how can I get some bailout? Well, I will send some to you in remittances so no fears.

But speaking of our superhero President, I saw him today. Of all places I saw him in the comic book store. I walk in and there he is chilling with Spiderman. I thought to myself he better have his spidey senses finely tuned because as far as I can tell, the stuff is not going to stop hitting the proverbial fan soon. Ok, I know I am sounding pessimistic today. Trust me, that will all change after I receive my tax credit or is it a tax cut?

Whatevs. Here’s where I sign off. Oh, before I leave I hope you gleaned from my rambling that comic book stores are indeed struggling. The Obama covered spiderman copy may have helped sales some but sheesh give the man a break. Who said saving the world was easy? Spiderman, spiderman, friendly neighborhood spiderman. He can’t win all the time now can he? 

Any thoughts?


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