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The mad harmonicaist!! It's fun to see someone chasing a dream that involves his passion.

The mad harmonicaist!! It's fun to see someone chasing a dream that involves his passion.

So last week Thursday, I did a story on this guy who owns a harmonica customizing company. His name is Brad Harrison and he seems like an amazing guy. He was certainly an amazing interview. I don’t even know where to start because if I met a guy like him every week I do a story, my job and life would be so much more enjoyable and easy. He made carrying my awkward camera bag and equipment more than worthwhile.

Why, you ask? Like, what is so special about him you mean?

So, in 1995 I think it was, he basically was at a bar when he saw a musician playing a harmonica. He became so fascinated (as I was mind you when he was playing the instrument in his office) that he went out and bought one. He said he practiced daily. He went on to meet a man, who he describes as his mentor, Joe Filisko, who he describes as a guru. Filisko taught him many things about the harmonica including showing him the harmonica’s intestines and bowels and basically describing in intimate detail how it functions.

As if he wasn’t hooked already, he too all the knowledge and started finding out more about the instrument. Dudes, you should see this guy work. I even asked him whether anyone has accused him of being a mad scientist. He laughed and said yes.

Anyways, he eventually got contracted to work for Suzuki to do some work on their harmonicas. Oh by the way, who knew Suzuki made harmonicas? He continued to invent other ways of improving the harmonicas performance. In his mind, he wanted to give the instrument waaayyyyy more range. Anyways, thanks to his invention, they do. Suzuki, recognizing a good thing when they see one even offered him a large sum of money to sell his invention and work for them.

After much anguish, he said no. He wanted to create jobs in Illinois. He says he has a six month wait list for customized harmonicas and is planning on expanding his factory in Rockford. He will be releasing his own line of harmonicas later this summer. The first one out of Harrison Custom Harmonicas is “B-Radical.”


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5 Responses to “Harmonica man”

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What you are doing will keep people employed with what will be the most amazing harp on the market. American pride! I have two pre-ordered! Support the cause! Thank you Harrison, you will indeed begin a legacy in the states that has long been desired!!!!

Brad Harrison arrival,is a lucky thing to happen in the world of Harmonicas.After Seydel & Hohner who gave birth to modern day harmonicas, Mr Hohner passionately and single handedly promoted the instrument and the music to be played on Harmonicas. Harmonica was a blessing to the musicians playing Blues in USA in the 30`s & 40`s. After the war the instrument really got popular all over the world. Hohner did bring lot of innovation to the instrument but Brad Harrison is the first one to work on the metallurgy and manufacturing process of reeds,He has been able to design the air flow chambers so well he gets max out of his new baby B`Radical.The harmonica just sounds amazing. I am using his modified marine brand harmonicas but feel that the new B`radicals will be a great instrument in the hands of creative blues players.I feel Brad has to be supported and encouraged to do more into the innovations in Blues Harps.
Good luck to Brad & his entire team.

As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you


His harps will probably be the next generation of harmonicas, not to mention that they look super cool!

I’m 71. Have been playing harmonica since age 10. No one ever showed me how to play harmonica so I play upside down and backwards(low notes on right side). I also play other instruments including banjo. I’m not a great player but can play harmonica fairly well. Just bought a new Honer, not knowing about the B Radical but hope to buy one later. Do you make a low D? Love the B-Radical looks.

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