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Yum, yum but get your minds out of the kitchen!!!

Yum, yum but get your minds out of the kitchen!!!


I am sure you were expecting a riff on peach cobbler and so on. I didn’t realize y’all had become foodies. I tell you there is a term in this country for everyone. Foodie, Liberal, Conservative, Greenie (ok, I think I just made that up but you get my drift). Oh and how I digress as always.

Anyways, this week it was back to the future. Sort of.

I had an interesting story for my broadcast class that was inspired by a Wall Street Journal article on the resurgence of cobblers. You know, those people who put the craft in shoe repairs. Basically, I wanted to find out whether people were trying to save more by using shoe repair services. I met a gentleman who is originally from Mexico City and he was gracious with his time. Ricardo Tovar has been in the U.S. since 1991 and he is a cobbler. He learned the craft from his father who learned from his father and so on. As he put it, there is no real school to learn how to become a cobbler and therefore for the most part you learn it from tradition.

Amazingly he also makes shoes. He told us of someone who came to him to order shoes and a bag made of alligator skin. Imagine that, shoes made with alligator skin. They can’t have been PETA members.

Until next time.


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3 Responses to “Cobbler”

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I want warm peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream on top…I digress. Shoe repair is sometimes more expensive than buying a new pair of shoes that are on sale. I’m a greenie.

What does being a greenie mean? You walk barefoot on the 101? At some point wouldn’t you need new soles? And then guess what, Dr. Make Me Beautiful over in Orange County will charge you waaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy more for some new soles.

Seriously, you’re right about shoe repair being more expensive dollar wise as opposed to getting a new pair for 20 bucks from pay less. The question I have is how does one measure the contribution to the environment by reusing shoes. How can you calculate the savings and reflect it in the dollar figure? Back to you smarty.

Just went to a great shoes repair place in Amsterdam last week, fixed my heels on my boots during my resent trip. For 7 Euro I was fixed in less then 10 mins and happy as a lark! I for sure would be the one to opt for a repair when looking to pinch a few Abe Lincoln’s.

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